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a decadent blend of bikes, besties and pampering in the Midlands

Diamonds & Dust is an “all the bells and whistles” two night, three day tour aimed at groups of friends who are all about enjoying their time on the bike - but just as keen on enjoying luxurious comfort with just the right amount of fun and sparkle.

Starting with an introductory ride on the famous Karkloof trail network with a private guide, riding days are spent traversing private farmlands and single track on uniquely scouted routes. Afternoons and evenings are left open for price-inclusive spa treatments, lounging in private hot tubs with glasses of chilled champagne and dining at the groups private cottage.

The Diamonds & Dust tour includes transfers out into the hills of Lower Lotheni on Day 2, and transfers to return to the spa on the last day of riding. The tour is enjoyable all through the year, but we highly recommend April through to October as the preferred riding time. We also offer a version of Diamonds & Dust that offers excellent riding, but less luxury, to suit all budgets.

Diamonds & Dust is a flexible tour, and other stops can be added to the itinerary such as lunch at a boutique wine estate en route to the Howick trail network. Paying particular attention to the groups skill level and fitness, we customize the routes to maximize enjoyment for our clients


Trip Duration Standard Tour: 2 nights/ 3 riding days - with extra optional nights and riding
Daily Distances 120- 140km : over 3 Riding Days

Day 1: 20km     Day 2: 65-75km     Day 3: 40-45km     OptionalDay 4: 35- 40km   

Trail Grading Intermediate
Physical Fitness Grade 3: This is a flexible trail that can be adapted to suit riders of all ages and fitness. However on our standard routing (distances above) a moderate-good level of MTB experience is recommended.
Technicality Grade 3: A moderate level of technical competency (or willingness to try) is advised to make the most of this tour. However if you not technically inclined, more farm and jeep-track route options can be organised.

For those with a penchant for single track - the trails around Karkloof & Howick will not disappoint! Dedicated downhill runs can also be arranged as add-ons to the tour.
Trail Terrain Farm and forestry roads, country roads, jeep track and lots of hand-built single-track on Days 3 & 4.
Accommodation 4 Star Country Guest Houses, SPAs and B&B’s
Logistic Support This is a fully guided and catered lodge-to-lodge tour with vehicle back-up and daily luggage transfers. Return transfer (to collect own vehicles from start or finish) is included.
Tour Highlights Singletrack heaven, timeout with your friends, massages, champagne and hot tubs, gourmet food....did we mention champagne? A 'good' place to be!
Other Activities Wine tasting, game-viewing, birding, facials, massages, arts & crafts and the Midlands best cuppaccinnos
Fauna & Flora Mist-belt grasslands, wetlands, montane indigenous forests, beef and dairy farms, pine and gum plantations, thornveld savanna.
Climate The Natal Midlands has a lush climate. Summer days are often warm to hot  (28-33°C) with a strong probability of afternoon showers, but we can also have consecutive days of drizzle.  Autumn months (Mar – May) tend to produce pleasantly warm days and mild nights with lower chance of rain.

Winter months (June & Aug) provide the most predictable and stable months for touring – with days being chilly to start but mild to warm by mid-morning (12-20°C) and a very low chance of rain. Winter evenings can be chilly (0-10°C) but then there's always a logfire and a bottle of red to warm you up.
Seasonality & Best Time Year

Winter months are the most reliable for mild and dry days (best for riding). Summer days can be fantastic one day and raining the next so they are less predictable. Autumn months (Mar – May) strike a good balance between warm days, mild nights and lower probability or rain.

Availability: Generally not a problem all year round, but needs to be done mid-week

Group Size Minimum 6 persons & maximum 14 persons per guided group.
2016 Price / PP Option 1:
Please note minimun of 6 people required for this option.

Indicative price for the Standard 3 Ride day/2 Night tour based on group of: 

6-7 Persons: R5400/pp
9-10 Persons: R5000/pp

Indicative price for the Standard 4 Ride day/3 Night tour based on group of: 

6-7 Persons: R6500/pp
8-10 Persons: R6100/pp

Option 2:

Please note, a minimum of 4 required for this option

Indicative price for the Standard 3 Ride day/2 Night tour based on group of: 

4-7 Persons: R4000/pp
9-10 Persons: R3600/pp

Indicative price for the Standard 4 Ride day/3 Night tour based on group of: 

4-7 Persons: R5500/pp
9-10 Persons: R5100/pp

Price Includes
  • 3 or 4 Guided Ride Days
  • 2 or 3 Nights Accommodation in 4-Star Country Guest Houses
  • All Meals: 2/3 Dinners, 2/3 Breakfasts, 2/3 Lunches - including restaurant lunch
  • Vehicle Back-up Support & Daily Luggage Transfers (point-to-point)
  • Transfer back to where vehicles have  been left
  • AE Route Customisation Services

    From the Karkloof Tracks - KZN Midlands

    Keeping The Trail Aive- Episode 5 from Hylton Turvey on Vimeo.